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Dec 5, 2012 11:35pm PST
. but the skies darkened for him, he said, when he refused to bribe the government. he started a company that turned jungle plants into med sun, but he says, his failure to bribe brought on a raid on his lab last may, on suspicion he was manufacturing meth. he was never charged. then, last month, just a day after four of his dogs were poisoned, his neighbor, faull, was found shot in the head. weeks earlier, say officials, this petition, obtained by abc news, complaining of mcafee's shotgun slinging security guards and his vicious dogs. >> he loved dogs. he couldn't hurt or harm anyone's dogs. we didn't get along. he drank too much. he did not have a bad heart. he could not have poisoned dogs. >> reporter: his antics have left many questioning his sanity. paranoid? >> i don't think so. why do they keep -- i think you or someone were there when they were searching. if they're not after me, then we have a mass hallucination and we should all commit ourselves. >> reporter: to avoid that man hunt, he hid. what's been the hardest part? >> not seeing the sun a lot. when we were inside, can't go
Nov 30, 2012 11:35pm PST
members of this -- >> no, no. no. >> reporter: and if you don't do it, is there a government service that can come in and do it? >> let me think -- no. >> reporter: the volunteers need a pick tim to practice on. so, they decide i'm the perfect fall guy. >> he's breathing. he's unconscious. we have to hourry. >> reporter: i understand that. that was icelandic for one, two, three. there's a reason they do these training sessions. what's the problem? >> we have -- we were having a bit of a problem with the yellow line. it's stretched too much. >> reporter: after a long and cold delay, the ropes are rerigged and -- all right, i think i'm going up. this takes a huge amount of effort on the part of the rescuers. a huge amount of trust on my part. okay, that last bit was a little bit unnerving. feeling that you could just roll over down the cliff. but i'm here. and the practice isn't over. there's an ice wall to be climbed. they're going to show me how easy it is. or not. this is a lot of work. all right, that's why we have a rope. i have to get my head up. well. that was fun. there. okay.
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)